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J. Kim, Columbia University Class of 2020
I still remember the first time I walked into your office. I didn’t know anything about college application or writing essays. But going to TELOS was probably the best decision I made last year.
If you hadn’t looked over each line so meticulously and helped me submit my application, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. So thank you so much Chloe!
I really appreciate it!
Jeff Kim, The Lawrenceville School Class of 2018
Going way back to 7th grade summer, I remember riding my mother’s car to go eat at a restaurant. While driving she talked about my future education and my boarding experiences. Then she brought up TELOS during the conversation. She was telling me how many students went to decent boarding schools through this place. Completely being unaware of what boarding schools were, I did not know what TELOS would do for me. However, on the first day meeting with the people there, I realized that these staffs were people who sincerely cared about me.
Starting from writing essays, maintaining GPAs, and SSATs – I was certain they were the people whom I can trust wholeheartedly. Even though there were depressing and stressing times due to the crazy workloads when writing applications for 10 boarding schools, TELOS was a friend to me. Their encouraging messages and their caring thoughts propelled me to reach out for the school I want to attend.
After all the hard work with the help from TELOS, I was accepted to Lawrenceville, one of my dream schools since 7th grade summer. The service TELOS provided for me was priceless compared to any consulting services out there.
Jean Kang, Tufts University School of Dentistry Class of 2023
The first time I’ve stepped into TELOS was when I was a rising sophomore. I just fell in love with the program of at a glace because I could tell that TELOS can give me a big push on my GPAs, extracurricular management and college applications. My decision was right; since I started out as a sophomore, TELOS gave me lots of support in GPA, including quick Q&A, Skype sessions and checking in every day assignments. Later on, I got more advantage with TELOS. TELOS recommended me various summer camps, including the ones I had lots of fun and gathered more information in my interested field. For my junior year summer, I attended Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, so-called TiP, with a specialization of clinical psychology. For my senior year summer, I attended University of Pennsylvania’s Medicine camp. Both camps enriched and widened my experiences, and I really appreciate TELOS for recommending programs that just suits my background. For my senior year process, most importantly, I was surprised how my writing coach and I collaborated on the application process. Although I was away from Korea for a month during summer, due to the summer camp, I finished the application before I left for school at the end of August. Everything was ready-to-go and I just needed to press the submit button on the Common Application. I really appreciate how TELOS widened up my opportunities in my high school life and a huge boost on my college application. Most of all, I got into my 1st choice college – that’s all I need!
Kelvin Lee, New York University Stern School of Business Class of 2019
As a student who did not know a thing about prepping for Universities, TELOS was a great place to go to. They started off by teaching me how to prepare myself for my application. Even though I started consulting late into my summer break, they gave me great opportunities to improve my application such as finding competitions and activities that I could participate. When the commonapp opened, we spent a lot of time in choosing the best Universities for me. We came up with different scenarios to follow when things did or did not pan out with an early decision/action University. After I choose a preliminary list of Universities too apply, we started working on our essays. Most of my time at TELOS was used to write an essay that best represented me. TELOS also was very good at communicating and handling sudden situations. They
always sent out reminder emails of due dates and things that needed to be done, while quickly dealt with issues of my commonapp outside of their office hours. All in all, I am really greatul that I used their service. Thank you TELOS!
Grace Lee, Emory University Class of 2019
I never knew how college worked until TELOS helped me. I haven’t even started my college applications and my writing coach helped me finish around 15 applications in a matter of months, and my school college counselor was impressed with my writing. I never knew that I would get into such a prestigious university, considering that I never really did much extracurricular activities. I am very thankful that somebody introduced my mom to TELOS. Without the people’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten accepted into my dream college. And thanks to Chloe’s suggestion, I am now Emory class of 2019!
Kelly Kim, New York University Class of 2019
Telos Consulting Group offers by far the best education consulting service I have ever seen. I am thoroughly impressed by their responsiveness and the way they treat customers with a positive attitude! I am satisfied and appreciative of the guidance and support they have provided me throughout the entire college application
progress. Telos Consulting Group has helped me achieve my long-term goal of getting admitted to my dream school!